Women's  Wisdom Circles For The Spiritually Curious 

We are Cate & Lisa, your sisters in Folk! We are passionate about cultivating spaces for women which facilitate connection to and expression of the spiritual side of womanhood. Our Women's Circles are imbued with folklore and enchantment, women are liberated to explore every magical aspect of being. 

We would love to welcome you into this sisterhood of connection, creatrix magic and storytelling. 

You're invited to step into the circle...

Folk Flower Power 

 Sunday the 14th April 2024

3.30-6.30 pm

Tiddington Village Hall, Albury View, Tiddington, Oxfordshire

At this gathering we will be diving into the Spring Flower Goddess archetype as we journey our way further around the wheel of the year. All around us spring is bursting forth and blooming into being. What are the earth stories and wisdoms of this moment? What magic awaits us in the unfurling of the buds into blossom? Let us dive into all that this time has to offer through our senses as we partake in sacred tea ceremony, share Folk stories of the keepers of flowers and delve into the particular wisdoms available to us at this time. .

Our Altar will be honouring Mother Flora as she unfolds the spring into being. Please bring anything you would like to add to it.

As always plant based snacks to enjoy & a gift bag to take away for all attendees !


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April 14th ~ Folk Flower Power Location Tiddington V Hall, OX9

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Folk Sister! Folk Sister! Come to us, hear our whisper,

On the wind and through the trees, hear our song on the breeze,

As water flows find your way, join us at the close of day,

Gather, welcome, in circle we greet, as the sisters of yore with intention to meet,

Sky above and Earth below, here we stand come shine or snow,

To flame we cast our offerings high, in smoke they spiral up to the sky,

By turn of Earth, under ray of sun, the seeds we sow are celestially won,

Rest in soft meadows and weave our dreams, the third eye is open, receiving moon beams,

Folk sister come, with all that you are, ancient and new, multitudes as a star,

Sit with us, listen, talk, laugh and eat, wail if you need to or stomp with your feet,

Know you are welcome, you are kindred here, so join us folk sister in strength without fear.


© Copyright Lisa Wehbe Holistic Yoga & Wellbeing