Candlelight Yoga Nidra & Sound Baths

Be eased into restful states of consciousness in this blended practice which combines the guided practice of Yoga Nidra meditation with the sounds of Crystal bowls and Gong under the soothing light of candles. The Yoga Nidras are spoken from the heart, I have been practicing this art for 5 years and each one you hear is uniquely created for the event you attend and never just read from a script.

Arrive to The Garden Studio under the light of candles and with the soft glow of the wood fire burning outside the window and then settle down on the heated floor under a blanket for this beautifully woven, guided meditative journey. 

During the lighter months of summer we experience this session with the soft evening light of the descending Sun shining into the garden studio. It is very tranquil.



The use of sound to alter states of consciousness along side the profound effects of sound on the physical body and emotional state is truly fascinating to explore.

A sound bath is meditative journey where you are welcomed to simply rest down and be lulled into altered states by the sound waves as they pass through and around us. You might hear Gongs, Crystal singing bowls, chimes and drum. As you bring the conscious awareness to the embodiment of this experience, you may feel release, deep relaxation or visualise colours in the mind space. Sound therapy is an ancient healing art with the oldest records of the practice dating back 40, 000 years to indigenous peoples of what is now Australasia. All of our ancestors partook in drumming for many purposes. Today Sound therapy is having a resurgence in popularity. It is noted for aiding in the activation of the parasympathetic nervous system, assisting in relaxation. On a more esoteric note, sound therapy is thought to alter the very resonance of one's body, bringing it into harmony, interacting with the energetic flow through vibration and thus awakening higher states of consciousness.

I welcome and love to hear about your unique experiences in the sound sessions.

I host sound meditations and Gong baths at my studio, occasionally outdoors (weather permitting) and at external venues and events. You can book a 1-1 sound therapy session with me. Just send me an email.

What is Yoga Nidra? 

Yoga Nidra translated literally means the "sleep of the yogi" but Yoga Nidra is also the name of the goddess of the sleep state as depicted in classic Indian art. Yoga Nidra as a practice is a deep state of relaxed consciousness that allows you to experience your self (and other things) from a different perspective. It can be deeply healing and is blissfully rest inducing.

Yoga Nidra can help with trauma release, sleep issues, anxiety and stress but many practice it simply to access deep states of rest and relaxation or to awaken creativity within. The best way to understand the landscape of Yoga Nidra is to encounter it for yourself. You are guided into this experience by my words with the aid of comfortable pillows and blankets, soothing sounds and calming scents. I will watch over you whilst you relax into the session. I am passionate about Yoga Nidra and aim to practice it myself daily. It is truly a beautiful element of yoga to delve into.

You can book a private 1-1 Yoga Nidra session with me, just send me an email.



Speaking of altered states of consciousness, I am also passionate about meditation and I love to help others make progress in this area. One of the things that I have come to know through experience is that meditation often requires individualised approaches, particularly for beginners. There are an arsenal of different techniques and practices available to get you started. Meditation reaps so much benefit once you begin to practice it. 

It's normal to find the idea of starting meditation daunting, but with help and practice, we can find a way to make it something that you look forward to and enjoy.


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