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Having a consultation and one to one session or sessions allows us to work together to create something totally personalised. We can delve into particular aspects of yoga and wellbeing in order to meet your specific needs.

 Well Woman Therapy 1 to 1: This might include creating sessions of Well Woman Yoga Therapy to aid fertility, assist with peri/menopause, painful periods, fibroids, healing after a prolapse, healing after trauma, pelvic floor rehab and anything else specifically relating to the female body. Perhaps you are interested in finding out about your moon cycle and how combining that with your yoga practice can help you feel a deeper connection to your body. I also create sessions for insomnia management and meditation amongst many more options. Learn More.

Fertility 1 to 1: Often, (but not always) people taking part in fertility yoga one to ones are also having fertility treatments with their health care providers and wish to complement that with a nourishing practice which will aid calming of the nervous system. Sometimes in fertility sessions there is grief and I want you to know that it is totally welcome. We will work together to define a practice which supports your needs and wellbeing in a way which suits where you are in your passage through these experiences. We will use Yoga, Yoga Nidra, meditation, moon charting, breath practices and chakra work in any combination and tailor them accordingly.

Prenatal 1 to 1: In a prenatal one to one we might focus on specific birth preparation yoga techniques and delve into relaxation and meditation to find the perfect combination of skills to suit you which will promote your sense of wellbeing and calm. This is super empowering and fun! Suitable from 12 weeks of pregnancy right up to birth.

Postnatal 1 to 1: A post natal one to one centres your needs after your birth experience. You may bring baby along to the session or not, depending on the diverse range of possible needs of the pair of you (or more if it was a multiple pregnancy) have! We might focus on post-birth pelvic floor rehab, healing trauma, soothing techniques for baby and you, diastasis recti, anxiety coping techniques, or just to spend some special time connecting and chilling out with your new human and many more, the list is endless.

Yoga Nidra 1 to 1: We can cultivate a Yoga Nidra session to particularly dress your needs. This can be all about rest and relaxation or developing a specific intention.

Sound Meditation 1 to 1: Aspects of Sound therapy can be woven into your 1 to 1 or a completely personalised Sound Therapy session can be cultivated just for you!

Reiki: I am a qualified Reiki practitioner and can weave this into your 1 to 1 if you wish. Learn more.

Anything else: Perhaps you wish to address specific mobility and motility issues to complement sporting pursuits or you would just like to work privately with a yoga teacher for whatever reason.

One to ones can be booked as a stand alone sessions or in a block. Please contact me with any questions.


I offer event Yoga, sound therapy, meditation and Yoga Nidra sessions for festivals and occasions.

Sometimes people wish to organise their own postnatal yoga groups with friends or book a one-off group session to celebrate a particular event such as a hen party. Private group Yoga sessions can be used for team building and improving staff wellbeing in a work place setting. Group sessions are also suitable for sports teams working towards similar goals and for friends and families who wish to practice yoga together privately.

~Couples Yoga~

Sometimes people enjoy practicing yoga together as a couple privately. Two friends with similar goals might want to pair up for this type of session.

£45 per hr

Please contact me to book a couples session or private group yoga class

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