Tantra Yoga


Tantra has had an unfortunate reputation attached to it due it's perception through a Eurocentric, hyper sexualised lens. Modern society operates mostly from a patriarchal perspective and this has done Tantra a lot of harm. Sadly, on my website, it means that I cannot address Tantra at all without acknowledging this primarily. Most people think of either  the pop singer Sting and or a sex instruction manual when they hear the word Tantra. As I alluded to above, this is a warping of this sacred practice of ancient wisdom. Although there are practices of divine union of physical bodies in Tantra, they are not the whole of, or even a small margin of the teachings.

Tantra is the harmonising of the inner and outer nature. In many other traditions the goal is go outward and seek the higher self through modes of erasing connection to the physical body but in Tantra we journey inward through the senses to find the creatrix within, the goddess within us all, to access and birth new realms of capacity for understanding divine Satya (truth). The sacred mirroring of this body with this earth is truly at the heart of Tantric practice, the microcosm and the macrocosm.

Tantra holds space for opposing elements such as the masculine and the feminine energies which exist within each of us and which are unified in a broader sense in the divine androgyne which is the vessel in which the latter two are contained. 

In Tantra we notice and listen to our bodies., deepening the connections through the senses. It is deeply awakening in such a individualistic and separated world of modern life! 

When you attend my regular yoga class, you are engaging in Tantric Yoga. 

If you would like to book a 1-1 tantra session or a private group or couple Tantric session

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