Holistic Yoga

What is holistic yoga

Holistic yoga exists to serve all and do harm to none. It is grounded in healing practice and seeks to acknowledge each person where they are at, as an individual regardless of skin colour, religion, socioeconomic status, gender identity or sexual orientation. Holistic yoga is a non Guru centric yoga practice where you are always the master of your own body. It includes but is not limited to practices such as Yoga Nidra, Asana (posture based yoga), relaxation, meditation, mudras (gestures) and pranayama (breathing & energy practices).

Working with our mats in a circle allows us to connect on an equal footing and to see and hear each person in the room. Questions are welcome, your voice is welcome!

Holistic yoga has occasionally been referred to as a tautology but the reasoning behind the specific name is inspired by the need for a practice which centres healing and inclusivity. All Yoga origins lie with the indigenous people of South and East Asia therefore, to try to separate Yoga from the rich cultures and history of origin is to dishonour it.  This is why in my classes you might hear Sanskrit terms and elements of Yogic philosophy.


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