Well Woman Yoga Therapy


What is Well Woman Yoga Therapy

 Well Woman Yoga Therapy seeks to serve the well being of all bodies at every age and stage of adult life, including where the uterus has been removed at some point. Sometimes women are born without a uterus but still wish to connect to cyclical rhythms and this type of yoga may assist. This practice equally welcomes uterus and non uterus having bodies into a practice inspired by matriarchal tantra practices. During this type of yoga we honour the cyclicality of nature and ponder how this is mirrored in our own bodies in diverse ways which may each be individual and different from one another. For bodies which experienced arising issues relating to cycles, menstruation and the various matters and nuances it may open space for deeper connection to the self and our journeys . This powerful practice is designed to optimise well-being and awaken space for healing.

Sometimes known as Womb Yoga it is based on the practices described in the book Yoni Shakti and developed by Uma Dinsmore Tuli.

Some of the things that Well Woman Yoga Therapy is useful for in it's application are; peri-menopause, heavy menstruation and painful periods, fibroids, prolapse of the pelvic organs, pelvic floor rehabilitation, fertility, vaginismus, pre and postnatal care and rehab and many more. You do not need to have one of these matters arising to find Well Woman Yoga Therapy enjoyable, as mentioned above it may simply be about uniting the inner and outer nature of our bodies. 

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